Introducing the P-Shot® at Sparclaine MD™ Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Sparclaine MD™ introduces the revolutionary P-Shot®. This natural erectile dysfunction treatment and male enhancement treatment uses Blood PRP (platelet rich plasma) and growth factors derived from your own body. The P-Shot® targets male enhancement by assisting in regeneration of the penile tissue to support a stronger sexual performance and erections and size. Functioning alongside your body’s own regenerative properties to increase erection quality and circulation to the penis, this treatment aims to support a healthier organ as an alternative to seeking other male enhancement medicines. Other advantages of the P-Shot® include the minimal to no downtime experienced post-treatment, along with being virtually painless. Little to no side effects are experienced as the treatment is autologous, meaning it is derived from your own body.


Are you a Victim of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is defined by the inability to sustain a penile erection throughout sexual performance. According to the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS), 10% of men reported being unable to maintain an erection. Erectile Dysfunction may result from (1) failure to initiate, (2) failure to fill, or (3) failure to store necessary blood volume within the lacunar network. Although certain treatments like phosphodiesterase type V inhibitors (e.g. Viagra, Cialis, etc.) are very effective, they are not able to re-establish functionality in all patients. The incidence of ED is higher in men with diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and hypertension. Often times, the drugs used to treat these conditions also affect ED.

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


  • Prostate Cancer surgery (Radical Prostatectomy)and/ or Prostate Radiation
  • Post Surgical trauma due to the extent of the treatment can cause some men to experience erectile dysfunction who prior to surgery had no issues of sexual dysfunction.
  • Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disease are diseases that can affect blood flow to the penis due to general poor circulation and make it difficult to obtain or maintain an erection. ED can be a manifestation of coronary artery disease, which will likely require you to see a cardiologist for an evaluation.
  • Penile Fibrosis or Peyronie’s Disease (Plaque formation in a thin layer of the penis causing penile deformity, pain and ED. To learn more about Peyronie’s disease, click here!)
  • Hormonal Imbalance affects how the body responds to stimuli and can cause ED such as Testosterone Deficiency.
  • Side effects that can affect the Nerve Mechanisms for which the erection occurs such as some Medications for Blood Pressure, Antidepressants, Finasteride (used for maintenance of Hair Growth) as well as narcotic pain medications
  • Sleep Apnea:  It has being associated with ED. The reason means that the lack of oxygen during the sleep cycle decreases causing diminished blood flow to the penile tissue.
  • High Cholesterol and their medications such as statins that are associated with ED as a side effect.


Psychological and emotional triggers that cause erectile dysfunction can be difficult to spot and to treat. They can be as a result of past  issues or experiences  that are hidden just below  the surface or a psychological or emotional trauma that  may be deeply buried.

  • Depression can affect not only your mood and emotions, but also your body’s response to external stimuli such as sight or touch.
  • Anxiety/Stress can lead to performance anxiety and overthinking that can place additional stress on the body.
  • Relationship Issues Can also affect how you respond to your partner. It can affect your conscious responses and subconscious responses as well.
  • History of Sexual Abuse- Your past  can definitely affect your future when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction. Your body as well as your mind will remember a history of abuse and find  it difficult to respond to the appropriate stimuli.
  • Limited Sexual Knowledge- what  you don’t know can definitely hurt you and make it difficult to relax and enjoy the sexual experience.

Lifestyle/Personal Habits

Bad habits developed over a lifetime can lead to  poor health and other medical conditions that contribute to Erectile dysfunction.

  • Smoking
  • Excess Drinking
  • Recreational Drugs
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Poor Diet
  • Obesity

P-Shot® Male Enhancement Advantages

  • No General Anesthesia
  • Go home the same day
  • Can restart Sexual Activity the same day
  • No Lumpiness after procedure
  • Autologous from your own Blood
  • It might support ED after Prostatectomy
  • It might support less use of ED medication or abolishment
  • No Rejection since it is your own blood

P-Shot® + GAINSWave®

GAINSWave® is a non-invasive procedure that uses pulse waves to improve sexual performance. The resulting improved blood flow helps any man, not only those with ED, to obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.  The P-Shot® can be combined with GAINSWave® for enhanced results*. Find out more about GAINSWave

*Individual results may vary. Patients will be assessed by our Medical Doctor to determine a personalized treatment plan.


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