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About miraDry

Stressing over sweat? You’re not alone. Over 37.3 million people in the US are bothered by excessive sweat. Some suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, a condition causing profuse sweating in the underarms unrelated to exercise or heat. Other patients experience stress sweat with heightened anxiety and others are simply tired of feeling embarrassed about perspiration. Regardless of your reason to put a stop to sweat, miraDry is the perfect solution. It is the only FDA-cleared treatment that dramatically reduces underarm sweat in as little as one appointment. No more stressing about odor, stained shirts, or which kind of antiperspirant works the best.

How it Works

What goes on during the treatment is simple. The miraDry system uses thermal energy that targets and eliminates the sweat and odor glands in your underarms, which don’t grow back once they are destroyed. The treatment might even get rid of underarm hair! And there’s no need to be concerned about missing that sweat— only about 2% of your sweat glands are in the underarm area, so your body can still perspire as much as it needs. It just won’t happen in the area prone to odor and embarrassing sweat stains.

What to Expect

miraDry is non-surgical and requires no incisions or pain medication, only local anesthesia to numb the treated area. The miraDry hand piece is glided over the area to deliver the thermal energy into the skin, which might feel like a warming sensation. It is well-tolerated by most patients and the numbing prevents any discomfort. You’ll be done with the treatment in as little as one hour! Here’s what it will look like:


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Are there any side effects?

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Patient experience and results may vary. The miraDry System is FDA-cleared for the treatment of unwanted underarm sweat and odor, as well as the permanent removal of unwanted underarm hair. Outside the U.S., the miraDry system is intended for use by health care professionals for treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis in adults. miraDry® is a trademarks of miraDry, Inc. © 2019 miraDry, Inc. All rights reserved.