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Healthy living begins with Firstline Therapy®

Physician managed weight loss program

At Sparclaine MD we offer the physician guided 12-week FirstLine Therapy® lifestyle medicine program to guide our patients in achieving optimum health and managing chronic conditions.

FirstLine Therapy® is a unique personalized approach to healthy living, weight loss, disease prevention and control.

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FirstLine Therapy® Advantages

FirstLine Therapy® is a personalized medical weight loss program where a Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse and your own personal Health Coach will guide you in your transformation to build and maintain better lifestyle habits.

  • Learn how to transform your health in just 12 weeks
  • Prevent, delay, or alleviate many chronic diseases including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and metabolic disorders
  • Understand the impact of nutrition and lifestyle

The FirstLine Therapy® Program will:

  • Teach you simple steps to enhance health and maintain health
  • Provide you with personalized dietary plans, recipes and guidelines specific to your medical needs and personal preferences
  • Facilitate fat loss and increase muscle mass
  • Teach you sustainable lifestyle habits
  • Support your journey to a healthier life every step of the way

The FirstLine Therapy® program may provide the following benefits:

  • Decrease inflammation in your body therefore decrease joint pain
  • Help to decrease the pain from osteoarthritis in hips and knees via weight loss
  • Improve gastro-intestinal issues (reflux, heartburn, slow digestion, bloating, constipation, leaky gut syndrome)
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Weight loss / Fat loss
  • Increase energy levels, stamina and improve mood

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In addition to our FLT medical weight loss program we also offer Metabolic Detox and Ketogenic diet programs.